Sales Training

Effective Sales Training To Help You Increase Your Revenue.

We take an Agile Approach to Sales Training in order to accelerate your growth

Build Better Relationships. Create Customer Loyalty. Convert More Leads To Customers

Sales is the most important function in any organization and as such, we have customized our sales training offering to make it;

  • Customized To Your Specific Needs
  • Practical
  • Blended, Utilizing Both Digital Tools and Physical Training
  • Results Oriented

What makes us different is that we care about your business as much as you do which is why we customize everything to be centered around your people and your business.

The Chartered Vendor

We Help You Achieve Your Ultimate Goals

Through our sales training and consultancy programs, we will work in partnership with you to help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to not only equip you with the knowledge you need but to also be strategic partners in your organizations growth. 

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The Chartered Vendor

Our Training Focus Areas

The Basics Of Selling

Learn everything you need to know about the art of selling and the character traits to develop in order to become an outstanding salesperson.

The Art Of Prospecting

Generate Leads, Create Opportunities and Grow your sales pipeline through effective prospecting.

Effective Follow Up Strategies

Learn everything you need to know about effective follow-up and how you can use effective strategies to follow up better on your clients.

The Art of Customer Service

Customer service is an art. Learn everything you need to know about retaining customers and perfecting customer conversations.

Effective Negotiating and Closing

Learn about the art of handling objections, and turning customer objections into money. Close more sales.

Understanding How Buyers Think

To sell effectively, you have to understand and effectively interpret how buyers and customers think. This training goes into detail on the psychology of customers.