Why You Need To Know Sales

Learning how to negotiate  & close

There is a need to negotiate with your employees, banks, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders business.

If you want to be successful as a salesperson, you need to learn to listen, overcome objections, and close deals without burning bridges.

Back when I was still a novice, I would argue with clients and customers constantly, which would be detrimental to my bottom line. However, now l know that l should always agree with my customer, which is the first rule of selling. 

What do I mean when I say you should always agree with your customer? If your customer was to say your price is too high, before jumping on to defend your price like most novice salespeople do, you should first agree with them, then show them that the value is more than the price. Remember, you can only do that by asking quality questions. 

For example;

Customer: “ Your price is too high .”

Sales Person: ” I agree with you, Mr. Prospect; why do you say the price is too high?.”

Customer: “The goods are cheap at Shop X  by $50.So why should l buy from you?”

Sales Person: “I agree with you, Mr. Prospect; if l was charging the same price with Shop X, who would you purchase the goods from? “ 

Customer: “ I would like to do business with you, but your price is too high!”

Sales Person: ” Why would you choose me over my competitor?”

Customer: ” I prefer dealing with you because of your efficiency, your organization is professional, and I trust this organization. “

Sales Person: ” Would you want to pay more for quality service? We decided to explain price once rather than explain quality for many years as a company. So let’s do business, Mr. Prospect.’

Next time a customer accuses you of having a price that is too high, before getting defensive, start by asking quality questions then use the customer’s answer to explain why your price point is set there.

If you want help with building a sales strategy that works for your company, then I am more than happy to help you and your company out. Just get in touch with me to get started.