Nyaradzo Group, 20 Years and Counting

Bold Decisions, navigating an impossible economic environment, transforming an industry with a very high barrier to entry, Nyaradzo Founder and Group Chief Executive, Philip Mataranyika has done it all. 

When we will reflect on some of the business icons who managed to transform our country for the better a hundred years from today, the name of Philip Mataranyika is definitely going to be on the top of the list. This is a man whose vision transcended beyond building a profitable business, he wanted to leave his footprints on the sands of time. 

His story is the perfect culmination of the Entrepreneurial Spirit. A man who in the Pre 2001 era had a comfortable job in one of the most prestigious insurance companies in Zimbabwe and albeit, Africa as a whole. 

But regardless of that, he took the risk, leaving everything behind to start a company that would not only change the Funeral Services Industry in Zimbabwe but would reach the very core of our Society. 

His inspiration was to develop a service befitting of being a “Sahwira Mukuru”, a phrase that is now synonymous with the Nyaradzo Group as they built a Customer Centred Organization whose main goal is to give a befitting send off to loved ones regardless of their status or class in Society. 

Reflecting on the last 20 years, when I look at Nyaradzo Group, I see a company whose values should be emulated by every business that wants to leave a mark on the hearts of their customers. Nyati himself always alludes to the fact that the thing that stands out the most when he reflects on the Journey travelled by Nyaradzo are their principles and traditions that were centred around identifying a Societal Need and going all out to fulfil that need. 

Building and Scaling a Business for 20 years in Zimbabwe’s sometimes volatile environment takes dedication, effort and sacrifice, it is not for the faint-hearted. For one to achieve such a feat, they should have a relentless dedication to their vision and be willing to put everything on the line for it. 

I am glad to say that Nyati is a perfect embodiment of all these principles. He is someone who was willing to pay the price and continues going all out to bring his vision to fruition. He has built a business that will outlast all of us which is the true measure of success for any Entrepreneur and in itself, the real definition of Entrepreneurship. I will always look up to Philip Mataranyika as a role model on how to build a business that will transcend generations. 

Congratulations to Philip Mataranyika and the Nyaradzo Group of Companies on the occasion of their 20 year Anniversary.