Looking For New Prospects Or Potential Clients? Do This

The difference between 2022 and 1990 is that buyers now have information at their fingertips which makes them empowered especially when making buying decisions. What this means is that it now takes more effort to get a potential client to listen to you.

Before the advent of the internet, salespeople would usually have stacks of directories(especially yellow pages) where they would go page by page calling companies and requesting to speak to decision-makers in order to solicit business.

Although the method still works, it’s no longer as effective. Because unlike back then, buyers are now empowered and there are digital tools that prospects can utilize just to throw you off.

How many times have you faced this kind of situation, you make a cold call to a company requesting to speak to the director or the procurement and after getting connected you are told to just send your details via email, and then…. crickets, you never hear from the client again.

I remember a time back in 2018, things were moving slowly and I was pushing my team to make cold calls in order to get new clients. We would make hundreds of cold calls every day of which most would never convert. In most cases, the moment someone hears that it’s a cold call, they would hang up and block the number; it was a frustrating experience.

This is what prompted me into researching more on alternative prospecting methods we would use, methods designed for the 21st century.

It took me a few months of iteration and trial and error to come up with these. The goal was to ensure that whatever I would recommend to my team would work for them.

If you are having challenges with keeping your pipeline of clients full, then you should try out these five things to find more potential clients.

1. Networking

When it comes to prospecting, there is nothing that beats the value of professional networking. You have to be in business circles and attend business events.

In addition to attending business events, there are a lot of groups available on WhatsApp and other sources where people are frequently discussing business. Look for those businesses and start contributing so that people get to know them.

The more you go out to meet people, the more opportunities will be availed and opened up for you.

2. Make use of warm calls

I hate cold calls. This is something I have reiterated time and again. In addition to making you appear stupid, cold calls waste both you and your prospect’s time. This is why I always utilize the three-by-three method before calling on a new prospect.

In case you are asking, the three-by-three method is just a research method I use to find three relevant pieces of information about my prospect in three minutes before giving them a call.

I then use that information to approach my prospect from a point of familiarity.

3. Make use of LinkedIn

Every month, I invest $75 into LinkedIn for my premium account.

My $75-00 gives me what is called LinkedIn Inmail credits. With these credits, I can go on LinkedIn and search for any company to find the decision-makers there then I’m able to send them direct prospecting messages which gives me an edge.

This method saves me time and money as I won’t have to deal with gatekeepers when trying to reach potential clients, particularly executives.

4. Always Pay Attention

One thing about me is that I’m always on the lookout for my next best prospect. I am always looking for who I can do business with next.

This strategy might differ from business to business but it always works wonders. If I see a branded car, I note the company down and always try to do my outreach to the company.

In addition to cars, I do the same for billboards, tv commercials, flyers, and Facebook ads. Whenever I see someone with branded regalia, I also approach them and try to learn a few things about their company.

5. Ask for referrals

Whenever I finish a transaction with a client, one of the things I do is to ask for referrals. By doing this, I usually generate 20 more prospects every week.

Most salespeople usually wait for clients to refer people on their own; Well, what if they don’t?

If you want to sell more, then you should take control and stop waiting for your clients to take the lead.

Asking for referrals is not hard, it’s just a matter of asking your client is they know someone else who can benefit from your services? Most people know and most of them will give you their contact details.

There are other ways that can be used to prospect but if you want to rapidly grow your database, then consistently make use of the 5 ways listed above. The more you are consistent, the more results you are going to see.

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