In Chimanyika they say “KUTENDA KWAKITSI KURI MUMOYO.”

This is true to the story of my mother, Heather Chido Nyamayaro, who treated me like l was blood in 2006 when l was just coming from Watsomba to get into the City that does not sleep, Harare. I was perplexed with how the events were taking place; the first days were a nightmare since l was not well versed in many things.
I was working at Edgars when l stayed with my Sekuru( May His Dear Soul Rest In Peace) and Ambuya, who also treated me like their own but the care which young Chido who was only in Grade 6, showed me was extreme.
This was when Zimbabwe was using BEARER CHEQUES; Reflecting on this time, I now appreciate that Zimbabwe has gone through a lot and has experienced a lot. We know more monetary terms than anyone in this world, an ordinary Zimbabwean in the streets can give an Economist in Europe a run for their money when it comes to economic terms. Imagine knowing what NOSTRO, IMTT, BEARER CHEQUE, BOND NOTE, FOREX AUCTION SYSTEM, GOLD COINS means all from the top of your head.
It boggles my mind when people say we are back in 2008; to the contrary, the scenario is very different. In 2008 years, things were seriously tough since we only used the Zim Dollar since the multicurrency regime yet to be introduced.
Remember, in 2008, inflation in Zimbabwe was at 231 million percent but we survived, if we managed to survive under these circumstances am sure we can survive any circumstances that may be thrown at us, anywhere in the world.
Who remembers when we used to eat meat sold in the streets? When buying meat from the butchey was a sign of success. Who remembers when we used to wear plastic rafters named BHUDHI MURI WANGA (BMW) . They were called YELLOW PUSH even when white, black or brown.
Who remembers when we used to queue for cash in town at 2 AM? Who remembers the bank book not card? Tell me more about what you still remember in the comment section; unfortunately, this is not for Ama2000!
Anyway, when l was staying with Mummy Chido in Kuwadzana Extension, things were tough for everyone hence l would walk from Kuwadzana Extension to the railway in Tynwald to board the famous Freedom train now the ZUPCO train.
Those days, boarding Kombis was a luxury only the rich would afford. Us, the poor would board either the Freedom Train or Buses which were much cheaper. I still vividly remember when I was coming from work and it started raining. I arrived at home very drenched and Chido would take care of me, asking me if I wanted tea. Whenever people were eating, she would make sure that l was fed this is how cool a 12 year old Chido was. I am not saying my Ambuya and Sekuru didn’t care, but the care she exhibited makes me remember every time l meet her .

Drinking a glass of Orange Crush these days was a dream come true. I always feel very successful because l can now choose any beverage; Back then, having something that wasn’t water to drink was a dream come true.
I have learned vital lessons from young Mummy Chido the most important one being that you should be nice to everyone as you never know who will come to your rescue in your time of need. The Chartered Vendor Story is incomplete without mentioning her. I had a chance to deliver a special copy to my Mummy, but she insisted on paying for it because true vendors wouldn’t give away anything for free.
I hope one day l will thank you enough Mummy, rambai mune moyo wenyu wakanaka .