Did you know that our first tagline when l founded M&J on 22 November 2014 was, FIXING OUR ECONOMY?

I still vividly remember being laughed at by one of my first clients, that how will you be able to fix our economy in a dirty office with one desk, one chair, and no vistors’ chairs. I told him that l want to build our Zimbabwean economy by giving Top Notch Advisory Services and Supporting SMEs since they will play a big role in turning around our country’s fortunes.

I’m excited that l managed to sign a deal on Friday 04 March with a local bank that will allow M&J to facilitates loans through the bank to small, medium, large corporates, universities, colleges, schools, hospitals, etc.

This deal will make it easy for me to achieve the vision of fixing our economy.

Over the course of my career, I have given many companies, some of whom are now multi million dollar enterprises,

One consistent challenge I faced was that it was difficult for most of these companies to grow to the next level without access to funding.

Without access to financing, bank guarantees and order financing, growing a company is tough, and this partnership will sure make it easier for us to help a lot of SME’s blossom and grow.

I would like to thank the bank CEO (who l cannot disclose right now for professional reasons) for believing in my vision, and l promise to pay him back by making this bank the most popular in ZImbabwe.

SMEs can make Zimbabwe great again!