An extract from The Chartered Vendor book

In 2007, while staying in Glen View, I met many people since I was a poor public figure. There was this other lady who was my biggest client. She could call 15 to 20 minutes a day.

The lady was rich, and she supported my business, I used to call her Maiguru since she had a beautiful sister. Her sister only came for a single holiday, and I never heard of her soon after that holiday.

She never visited, so that was the last time I saw her. Maiguru was married to a guy who was a conductor at one of the local bus companies operating Botswana – Harare routes.

Those days, being a conductor was compared to being a CEO in one of the big companies since conductors were living large. The business of ferrying people and goods to and from the diaspora was paying off. Her husband was always on the road; hence he could come home one or two times a week.

I became so close to Maiguru and her family to the extent that Bamukuru bought my first TV, which was a small 14-inch color TV from Botswana. I had to close one eye for me to watch the small television without disturbances. Maiguru would buy me all sorts of goodies; she would buy me food. She was like an angel who had fallen from the sky to save the life of a poor vendor.

A day couldn’t pass without Maiguru visiting me, and she would always support my business. She would ask me to accompany her to the market. Most of the times, she would buy something for the poor vendor.

We started sharing information about our lives with maiguru. I then told her that I was a former maths teacher and she also told me that she was looking for someone to teach her Mathematics together with her friends.

Since I was a vendor, it was complicated for me to teach her because of time. She told me that she would pay double the amount of what I was getting in a day as a vendor. I immediately accepted the offer and started my lessons with her and her colleagues. During the first days, all went well without any problems.

Then during one afternoon, Maiguru came to the vending stall to do her normal calls, and she said she wanted to have lessons at 11 am for a funny reason instead of our normal 1 pm lessons.

She, however, didn’t specify that she wanted to have the lessons alone; hence I called one of her friends to join. I was doing everything wholeheartedly and innocently, not knowing that Maiguru had romantic plans.

I was the first one to arrive at Maiguru’s house; after knocking on her door, the romantic voice responded that I should come in. I pushed the door, and what met my eyes was a shocker; her bedroom was wide open, and she was lying half-naked on her bed.

She said,’ “Jerry, don’t worry, come straight to the bedroom.” I could not believe my eyes; remember Maiguru was young and heavily built.

I just said to myself, “ Is this the Maths Pythagoras theorem I was supposed to solve?”

An extract from The Chartered Vendor book