5 Reasons Many Zimbabwean Salespeople Fail To Close Sales

“People buy on emotion and justify with logic.” – Zig Ziglar

When I woke up this morning, I was pondering on the above statement by late, great sales guru Zig Ziglar.

Think about the times you’ve had to purchase something this year alone. What was the final reason for the purchase? What made you say to the shopkeeper, “Shut up and take my money?”

If you think deeply, you will realize that you got to that point where nothing else but the product/service you wanted mattered; and at this point, the price didn’t matter.

If you present your product or service so that nothing else but the product or service matters, then your sales will skyrocket.

But before you can get to that point, you will realize that there are some hurdles standing in the way between you and closing your next sale.

These hurdles, if addressed promptly and correctly, will help you in boosting your company’s sales.

If your people are not achieving their sales targets, then look for one or all of these reasons, and should you find any, then I am here to help you resolve the issues once and for all.

Reason Number One: Never Attempted To Close

One of the things I’ve seen about salespeople in Zimbabwe is that they don’t attempt to close sales. You can walk into a shop today, well monied to buy a product. If you are to consult a salesperson, the best they will do is walk you through the product and wait for you either to take out your money and buy or walk out.

Should you do the former, no one will bother to ask you why you are walking out instead of committing.

Most will never initiate the closing process.

Reason Number Two: Pressure Is Perceived As A Bad Thing

The number of people I’ve heard saying they won’t push a client because they don’t want it to seem as if they are pressuring the client is worrying. In life, not only in sales, you have to be willing to put pressure on someone to get what you want.

People are usually not ready to buy and will only do so if you apply more pressure to make them commit.

Reason Number Three: Lack Of Belief In The Product

Be the first customer of your product or service. If you don’t believe in your product/service, no one else will. The moment you believe in your product, it automatically means you are closed on that product, and if you are closed on the product you sell, then it’s easy to close others on the same.

Reason Number Four: An Incorrect Estimation of Effort

Like anything in life, to successfully close sales, you need to put the right amount of effort. If you take closing lightly, you will find it very difficult to increase your sales.

Reason Number Five: Shorting of Closing Tactics/Techniques

In war, the army with the biggest arsenal often has the odds tilted in their favour. As a salesperson, you need an arsenal. As you go in the field, you will meet clients who will complain about your prices being too high; some will want to think about it, and some will want to consult their husband or wife or boss.

You should have answers to all these objections or complaints. In a typical closing situation, you will be trying to close your prospect on why they need the product or service you are offering whilst the prospect will be trying to run away from making a commitment which is why having more than one closing tactic/technique is important.

In conclusion, you have to know these five reasons and look for any of them in your salespeople daily, especially if they are failing to close more sales.